Saturday, December 17, 2011

Anego CMS Modules - Report 5

In the last 2 Weeks I've been busy implementing a small image editor that allows the user to crop and resize images for the gallery. It turned out to be unexpectedly much work to create a 3-in-1 Image resizer, Cropper and Dragging tool that has some usability. Hence, I wasn't able to write the server code for it yet, which is however the easiest part. For the next report there's a number of functionalities that I have to build:
  • Store and restore the image size and cropped area so a user doesn't need to select it from anew if he wanted the picture just a bit bigger.
  • Server code for cropping and resizing
  • Allow image editing of both thumbnail and full size picture. For this I have already refactored the image editing code into a jquery plugin for it to be modular.

For this project I will probably drop my plans for improving the blog and focus entirely on the gallery. I realize it's a better choice to have a feature-complete, versatile gallery module, rather than having 2 not very finished modules.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Anego CMS Modules - Report 4

Since last update I've added a settings dialog for each image so users can change their properties such as description and thumbnail. This information is also saved and stored in database now.

Also I've found a great image cropping tool named Jcrop which I probably will be implementing until next time. I'm also considering to add a thumbnail resize feature like in this demo.

And finally I've been fixing a few bugs in the dialog code.