Sunday, March 11, 2012

Anego CMS reaching stable

I am happy to announce that my CMS is turning into a quite stable piece of software, and I am considering of doing an actual release. So far, one was only able to download the most bleeding edge version from the Github page, which means you've been at the developers mercy whether it works or not ;-)

I've been quite fanatical about features, bug fixing and clean code base lately. In the whole development of Anego I probably spent 30-40% of the time just refactoring the code to be cleaner, faster and more extensible.

Also new are the Gallery and Contact-Form/Mailer module, which should turn out to be very useful for website owners.

Talking about code. Since I love statistics, I've summarized all the lines of code for Anego only, so excluding 3rd party libraries (Smarty, TinyMCE, jQuery, etc. - those probably would add another 30-40k LoC)

Module PHP LoC JavaScript LoC 
Core System 3.908  4.311
Blog 501 292
Gallery 547 1.094
Mailer 320 79
Richtext 66 135
PlainHTML 29 63
Separator 34 5
Total 5.405 5.979
Grand Total

Hint of the day: Did you know, Anego CMS does not send your plain text password when you log in? Before it's sent to the server, a sha256-hash value is generated, which prevents a hacker to read your password, e.g. when your on a WLAN (though replay attacks are still possible).